Debugged software products

Our competencies

Building Specialized GNU / Linux Distributions

Development and porting of device drivers

OpenSource protocol stacks (BIRD, FRR)


We successfully work with microcircuits
manufacturers such as ...

Automated information Systems (AIS)

We will develop, adapt and implement software of various degrees of complexity. We will build a technological foundation for the interaction of your systems

Internet and Intranet solutions

Our specialists have considerable experience and all the necessary competencies to create various services, from creating internal intranet portals to the most complex high-load portal solutions. The solutions are widely used in both government and commercial organizations

Integration solutions

We will develop and implement integration solutions based on modern industrial software platforms of the world’s leading vendors. Solutions built on the basis of Akber-soft software allow you to unify information flows, create a single space for users to work, and make business processes transparent and flexible

A little about us

We are blurring the boundaries between industry areas, combining the virtual and physical world, hardware and software

We apply our knowledge and practical skills to develop, test, deploy, and scale IT solutions that meet our customers’ business needs